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Our Logo

What symbolizes the Ehlers brand?

The Sigma

The “∑” or sigma exemplifies Ehlers belief that “our strength is the sum of our collective efforts.”  The combination of:

  • Employees’ knowledge, experience, and commitment to excellence
  • Services to assist clients in building outstanding communities
  • The Ehlers team working together with a governing body and its staff and citizens

The “∑” is placed within a bond seal, which represents Ehlers work in financing.

The Pinwheel

The pinwheel represents the sum of the four parts of Ehlers' service offerings to its clients. This icon was developed exclusively for Ehlers to symbolize the Ehlers process of creating a unique package of services designed to suit each client’s individual needs.

Green = Debt Issuance Services
Gold = Economic Development and Redevelopment
Blue = Financial Planning
Orange = Strategic Communication


What does Ehlers promise our client? 

Independent Advice

An Ehlers Municipal Advisor is a public finance advocate who provides advice without financial allegiance to anyone but the issuer. 


Ehlers provides reliable, time tested advice that enables an issuer to have confidence in the decisions they make on behalf of their constituents.

Full Service Results

Ehlers provides an array of services that range from identifying each client’s needs to making results a reality by creating individualized solutions.


To achieve results, Ehlers works collaboratively with clients to create a unique action plan that conforms to their needs rather than shaping a client into a “one-size fits all” mold.

Building Outstanding Communities

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