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Final Official Statements

Final Official Statements are available for review at

The Final Official Statement file is transmitted to the underwriter in PDF form. The underwriter posts the Final Official Statement to the EMMA (Electronic Municipal Market Access) website, maintained by the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (

Upon award of sale, the Preliminary Official Statement together with any previous addendum of corrections or additions will be further supplemented by an addendum specifying the offering prices, interest rates, aggregate principal amount, principal amount per maturity, anticipated delivery date, and Syndicate Manager and Syndicate Members, together with any other information required by law, and, as supplemented, shall constitute a ‘Final Official Statement’ with respect to the Obligations, as defined in S.E.C. Rule 15c2-12. Copies of the Final Official Statement will be delivered to the underwriter (Syndicate Manager) within seven business days following the proposal acceptance.

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