September, 2015
Who Could Have Guessed?
Registered Municipal Advisors are the Only Municipal Market Participant to Provide Municipal Securities Advice
By Steve Apfelbacher, President
When the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law in 2010, none of us knew the significant changes it would cause in the municipal market. We understood that the Act regulated Financial Advisors as Municipal Advisors (MAs) and established a fiduciary duty on the part of the MA to their municipal clients. To meet the Act's requirements the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved a far-reaching Municipal Advisor Rule (the "Rule") that regulates Municipal Advisors and the activities of other market participants.

Steve A

Avoiding Trouble with Municipal Bonds
An In-Depth Discussion
By Brian Reilly, Senior Municipal Advisor
In the July/August edition of Minnesota Cities, we spoke with the League of Minnesota Cities about how cities can steer clear of problems when issuing bonds. There are two topics we are exploring in greater detail: avoiding "troubled" tax-exempt bonds and debt management policies and post-issuance compliance.

Stacie Kvilvang
Residents Vote for More Redevelopment
Redevelopment Kicks Off Private Reinvestment and Significant Streetscaping Project
By Stacie Kvilvang, Senior Municipal Advisor and
 Jason Aarsvold, Municipal Advisor

When HyVee Grocery planned to open one of its first Minnesota stores in New Hope, City staff thought it represented the culmination of their redevelopment efforts. A vacant K-Mart would be reborn as a new grocery store, something the community had wanted for years. Instead, the HyVee has become merely the first phase of redevelopment and kicked off private reinvestment, as well as a significant streetscaping project. This is the story of how the City of New Hope garnered community support for its public investments.

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Jeanne Vogt
Knowing When It's Time to Review Your Utility Rates
Analyzing and Understanding Factors to Make Informed Decisions to Conduct a Formal Review of User Rates
By Jeanne Vogt, Senior Financial Specialist

When is time to review and adjust utility user rates? The answer to this question may seem straightforward, especially if you anticipate that your utility's expenses will exceed its revenues or facing a major capital project. But there are other, important factors to consider when water, sewer and stormwater utility budgets are evaluated and approved. 
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Jack F
Comprehensive Cash Forecasts are a First Step to Improving Investment Return
Mapping Cash Inflows and Outflows
By Jack Fay, Municipal Investment Advisor

With all the numbers going through the minds of finance directors, business managers and treasurers at this time of year, interest income may be the last number inserted into the revenue budget. And then whatever was booked for interest income last year will be plugged for next year. Now may be the time to reassess your approach to investments, especially if your investment program revolves around money market accounts, government investment pools or short term certificates of deposit.

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7 Presentation Tips To Help You Take Risks and Wow Your Audience
By Deborah Grayson Riegel, CEO and Chief Communication Coach of TalkSupport: Crunch-Time Coaching for Big Presentations and Tricky Conversations 

Whether you're making a presentation for a couple of people or to the masses, creating a presentation that is engaging and entertaining can be daunting. According to Vault, here are seven tips to take your presentation to the next level.
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