September 27, 2012
For Immediate Release
Contact: Tim Schram
Jack Fay Joins
Ehlers Investment Partners Team  

Municipal Investment Advisor Servicing
Minnesota and Western Wisconsin
ROSEVILLE, MN - September 27, 2012 - Ehlers Investment Partners is pleased to announce the addition of Jack Fay as Municipal Investment Advisor serving in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.


Jack brings financial planning and investment advisory experience to Ehlers Investment Partners clients. Prior to joining Ehlers Investment Partners, he worked as a public finance and accounting consultant at the City of South St Paul and also as an Investment Advisor and Branch Manager for an independent financial planning firm with offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio.


As an Investment Advisor and Branch Manager, he provided objective fee-based financial planning advice as well as supervision of three branch offices. Jack's greatest asset to his clients is his ability to provide objective advice to suit the needs of the client, including investment strategies unique to each client relationship.


Jack's goal is to improve the financial capacity of the local governments he serves. "I think Ehlers is a fantastic fit with my background in fee-based advisory business combined with my municipal exposure," reflects Jack. He goes on to say,  "Helping municipalities choose suitable investments for their portfolio in a fiduciary capacity while offering other valuable value added services such as cash flow forecasting is where Ehlers Investment Partners has defined the new standard in municipal investment advice." 


Ken Herdeman, President of Ehlers Investment Partners offers, "Jack demonstrates his commitment to serve the best interests of his clients, and his experience working with local government makes him a perfect fit for Ehlers and Ehlers Investment Partners clients."


Jack works closely with other team members and investment professionals to provide analysis and investment strategy implementation for our clients. Please contact Jack to discuss how he can help you manage investments for your community's future.


About Ehlers 

Ehlers, an independent public finance advisor for over 50 years, is ranked second nationally in number of competitive sales advised.  (Source: Bloomberg, 212-318-2000. August 14, 2012.) Our goal is to help public sector clients' achieve practical financial solutions at the lowest cost to taxpayers. Our only allegiance is to the communities to which we serve. Our success is the result of established long-term relationships, hard work, and years of experience. Ehlers works with counties, municipalities, townships, school districts, and other governmental units to build better communities through the products and services we offer: Debt Issuance Services, Economic Development and Redevelopment, Financial Planning, and Strategic Communications. Visit for more information.


About Ehlers Investment Partners

Ehlers Investment Partners collaborates with its client communities to provide cash management and investment advisory services to pursue those opportunities that earn competitive investment returns and keep the community's cash assets protected and liquid. Ehlers Investment Partners is committed to providing investment advisory services that ensure a robust financial future in the communities we serve. We will honor this commitment by scheduling regular reviews to keep each client's investment strategies relevant, cash forecasts current and treasury management practices efficient and cost effective. Visit for more information. 



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