February 19, 2015
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Contact: Tim Schram

Mike Harrigan Receives WEDA's 2015 Frederick C. Pearce Award


Expertise in Economic Development and

Leadership are Recognized


WAUKESHA, WI, February 19, 2015 - Mike Harrigan, Senior Financial Advisor and Chairman of the Board at Ehlers, was recently recognized by the Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA) as the 2015 Fredrick C. Pearce recipient at its annual Governor's Conference on Economic Development held at the Monona Terrace Conference in Madison, Wi.

In 1985, WEDA established the Biennial Awards program with the purpose of recognizing exceptional contributions to the economic vitality of Wisconsin. The selection process criterion includes a focus on creativity, leadership, and investment or other attributes which further broad-based economic development goals and objectives within the State of Wisconsin.

Accordingly, Mike received this prestigious award for his long-standing commitment to economic development actives, his exceptional contributions to economic development in Wisconsin, particularly in helping to guide the improvements to Wisconsin's Tax Increment law, and for his demonstrated success as a leader.


In accepting the award presented by Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefish, Chairman of the Board for Ehlers, Mike Harrigan, stated, "I am extremely honored to receive this award and to be a member of WEDA. WEDA is a leader and instrumental in facilitating a Statewide dialogue on how best to accomplish economic development for the benefit of our taxpayers. I am proud to have had a chance to play a part as a member of a great team that has worked together to assist with legislation and matters that impact local municipalities."


Ehlers President Steve Apfelbacher said that "Mike's accomplishments speak for themselves. Not only is he an expert in economic development, his expertise has resulted in many Cities and Villages establishing a partnership with developers that have resulted in the construction of significant economic development projects."


Prior to joining Ehlers, Mike served as city management in Wisconsin for 19 years. He was the President of the Milwaukee Chapter of American Society of Public Administration from 1992 to 1993, and was named "1993 Public Administrator of the Year" by the Milwaukee Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration. He has also served as President of the Wisconsin City Manager's Association (WCMA). Mike not only represents as Chairman of Board for Ehlers Companies, but is also a Director at Large for the National Association of Municipal Advisors (NAMA).  


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L-R: Peter Thillman, WEDA Board Member who nominated Mike; Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch; Mike Harrigan; and Patrick Schloss, President of WEDA.

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