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Benchmarks and Best Practices Sample

Benchmarking and Best Practices

We live in an age of unlimited information.  Save yourself countless hours of research, evaluating, assembling and building charts and graphs in an effort to analyze and explain your district’s operations.

With the Ehlers Benchmarking and Best Practices (BBP) Model, critical information on all Minnesota school districts is organized on your desktop enabling you to benchmark your district’s operations against that of any district in the state simply by entering the benchmark district numbers. We have gathered and organized a plethora of data on topics including:

  • property taxes, tax base, revenue, expenditures, operating referendum and capital projects levy
  • special education,
  • debt structure, building utilization, building age, and operation and maintenance expenses
  • student ACT and GRAD test scores, student demographics,
  • licensed staffing ratios, average teacher salaries and training,

Experience the satisfaction of being able to access that information and to explain it and to be understood.  With a few key strokes you will be able to generate graphs and charts that will help you explain the operation of your district to your school board, to your staff, and to your public. 

The charts and graphs may easily be converted to PDF format or copied to a PowerPoint presentation.  Included in each graph is data for your district and eight districts you select, the average for the selected group of districts including your district, and the state average.   Each topic has multiple charts and/or graphs.  You are able to sort the results.

Contact Tom Berge or Joel Sutter for more information.  Click here to view a sample of the model

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