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Strategic Communications

How government works internally as well as how it communicates publicly are critical success factors in today's world.

Ehlers has tools and techniques to help clients evaluate and improve their management abilities, strengthen their ongoing communications with the public and, when needed, gain public participation and support for community initiatives.

Ehlers services include:

Management Resources

Management Study and Analysis

Ehlers can assist with an internal evaluation of staffing needs including options for privatization, consolidation or separation of department and technology options for local governments.

Grant Writing

State grants and infrastructure grants from the federal government are all resources available to local governments that Ehlers can help you access.

Budget Preparation Assistance

Ehlers staff includes former local government staff who have assembled budgets. Ehlers can assist you with the preparation of a budget which is tailored to your needs.

Public Communication

Strategic Community Communications Planning, Message Development, and Production

Communication should be more than just an announcement on cable TV. Today's citizens expect multi-media explanation of local government topics including websites, print media, television, and newsletters. With guidance from decision makers, Ehlers provides expertise in designing a communication plan from redevelopment projects to new government facilities. Ehlers can produce these communications tools from beginning to end for a local government.

Public Outreach and Engagement

Public Participation Process for Facilities or Redevelopment

It is increasingly difficult for communities to gain support for redevelopment, for community investments in public facilities and infrastructure, or for budget measures that raise revenue and reduce services. The public expects to be involved early in the decision making process. Ehlers has developed a public participation process that is helping communities achieve results through effective public involvement and communications.

Strategies for Referendum Process

Whether you are voting on bond, levy, or operating referenda, careful planning is critical, including what projects to include, the communication and open houses required, the wording of the ballot, and the timing of the election. We can assist in the planning and non-biased information services required in a referenda process.

Ehlers is a 2011 Constant Contact All Star Award Winner

Ehlers is a 2011 Constant Contact All Star Award Winner

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  • We understand your needs. Most of our Financial Advisors have come from local government background

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