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Truth in Taxation

Worried about your Truth in Taxation hearing? Help is on the way!

All school districts are required to hold Property Tax Hearings.  As in the past, districts are required to discuss the proposed levy and the current year budget.   And with the numerous changes that the State made in school finance funding formulas this year, many districts will have significant changes in their levies from past years. 

For many districts, preparing for the hearings can be a time-consuming challenge.  As in past years, we are offering assistance with this year’s Truth in Taxation hearings, by preparing a presentation that districts can use at their hearings.

Our presentation is intended to meet all of the requirements of statutes in a simple and concise format.  It will provide basic information about the state’s school finance and property tax systems, the school district budget, and the district’s proposed tax levy.  It also will include tables and graphs showing the estimated school district portion of the tax levy for 2014 for sample types and values of properties, compared with similar figures for past years.  For most districts, delivering our presentation will probably take 15 to 20 minutes.

2017 Sample Presentation

Sample Presentation

2017 Sample

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