To Our Clients and Colleagues,

Like all of you, we continue to closely monitor developments surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and have taken action to protect our staff, their families and our clients. Last week, we instituted workplace health protocols as recommended by the CDC and state officials and adjusted company work polices to offer greater flexibility for our staff. We also reviewed and fortified our business continuity plans so we can seamlessly maintain operations. We took these steps to ensure the highest-level of service to our clients and their communities while this challenging situation evolves.

Ehlers’ technology systems allow employees to effectively work off-site and our communications platform offers a variety of alternatives to in-person meetings. With these capabilities in place, we have postponed all non-essential group events and our advisors will follow client preferences and business protocols when deciding whether to conduct meetings in-person or virtually.

Protecting our staff and clients is our highest priority and we stand committed to keeping you informed as we navigate this unchartered territory. Our management team is communicating on a daily basis and will change course – if needed – as events continue to unfold. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please reach out to me or your Ehlers’ advisory team.

We are grateful for our relationships with all of you and confident that, by working together, we will get through this difficult period with minimal disruption.