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Capital Project Levy Assistance

A Capital Project Levy provides an annual revenue stream to fund capital improvements, including technology costs, building projects and deferred maintenance. Ehlers’ School Finance team can help your district develop a levy plan that meets your funding needs and provides objective tax impact information to district voters.

Capital Project Levy planning & support provided by Ehlers & Associates.

Preparing Your Capital Project Levy

With voter approval, school districts can establish a capital project account funded by an annual tax levy. Often referred to as a “technology levy,” capital project levies provide an annual stream of revenue to fund a long-term technology plan. Capital project levies can also fund deferred facilities maintenance, building projects or any other expense permitted by law for operating capital funds. There is no statutory limit on the amount the district can levy but the term is limited to 10 years.

If the levy is approved by voters, your district places those proceeds into a separate account and uses the funds as needed to cover expenditures consistent with the original ballot language.

Ehlers can help your district plan wisely for capital project levies. We can develop and present several scenarios for consideration in combination with the results of your district’s tax tolerance survey.

Levy Logic

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