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This site provides information for taxpayers of School District of Prairie Farm regarding how the district's proposed operating referendum will affect their property taxes. The site was prepared by the school district's financial advisors, Ehlers. If you have questions about the information on this site, you may call Ehlers at the phone number listed below.

About the Referendum

The district will be holding a referendum with a single ballot question on April 3, 2018 seeking voter approval to exceed the Revenue Limits for operating purposes.

The district's prior operating referendum took place in 2013 for an amount of $500,000 with an included increase to $550,000 in 2016, and is expiring after this school year.

In order to maintain the operational budget and to implement the facility maintenance program, the district is asking voters to approve an operating referendum for $650,000 to replace the expiring referendum. This new operating referendum will be in place for a period of five years.

To estimate the tax impact of the referendum based on your 2017 taxes, follow one of the options below. 2017 tax bills must be used until the 2018 tax bills are received in mid to late December.

Determining Your Property Value

Before you begin, we suggest that first you find your most recent tax bill. It is titled "State of Wisconsin Real Estate Property Tax Bill for 2017", mailed by your local municipality in December of 2017.

The tax impact of the proposed referendum will begin with the 2018 property taxes, which will be based on the 2018 total assessed value of your property. Since the 2018 assessments are not available at this time, you will use the 2017 property values to estimate the tax impact on your property.

To estimate the tax impact, we will be using the total estimated fair market value of your property from your State of Wisconsin Real Estate Property Tax Bill for 2017. You will find your fair market value listed as "Total Est. Fair Mkt." on your tax bill. Please note that we will not be using the "Total Assessed Value", which is also included on your tax bill.

Located in the upper half of your Real Estate Property Tax Bill for 2017, you will find several rows of property values that appear as follows:

Please note that the format each municipality uses for their tax bills may vary, but they all contain the Fair Market Value.

Option 1: Use the Tax Impact Chart

You can use a tax impact table to get a quick estimate of the tax impact on your property. Locate the equalized, or market, value of your property as listed under “Total Est. Fair Mkt.” value on your tax bill. Simply find the value in the left hand column of the chart that best approximates the fair market value of your property. To view the tax impact table, click here.

Option 2: Use the Ehlers Tax Calculator

For a more precise estimate of the tax impact, enter the equalized, or market, value (labeled “Total Est. Fair Mkt.” on your tax bill). Enter this value below to see the estimated tax increase for your property.

(See your 2017 tax bill)

All property tax impact calculations are estimates.

Property tax impact calculations of the referendum are estimates for the initial year of this authorization only, and do not include tax levies for other purposes. The actual tax amount associated with the successful passage of this referendum will vary based on the following factors:

  • Actual level of state aid that the District qualifies for as certified by the State of Wisconsin in October of each year.
  • Actual assessed value of your property.
  • Actual property valuation and tax rate within the resident municipality.
  • School levy credits applied to the tax impact (not included in tax impact estimates).
  • Changes in assessed values of other property in the municipality.
  • Changes in equalized values of properties in the municipalities located within the school district boundaries.

Deductibility of Property Taxes for State and Federal Income Taxes

If you itemize deductions for federal income taxes, you may deduct property taxes paid. Therefore, any increase in property taxes resulting from the proposed referendum may reduce your income tax liability.

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