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Waterville-Elysian-Morristown School District, ISD No. 2143

This site provides information for taxpayers of Waterville-Elysian-Morristown School District regarding how the district's proposed referendum would affect their property taxes. The site was prepared by the school district's municipal advisors, Ehlers, in cooperation with the school district. If you have questions about the information on this site, contact Ehlers at the numbers listed below.

About the Referendum

The district will be holding an election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 seeking voter approval of up to $19,300,000 in general obligation school building bonds to finance the following projects:

  • Construction and installation of security, health and safety, fire protection, and accessibility improvements
  • Construction and installation of mechanical, HVAC and electrical infrastructure improvements
  • Construction and equipping of various improvements at the elementary school, including a classroom addition
  • Construction and equipping of various improvements at the high school, including the renovation, repair, remodeling, refurbishing and upgrading of science, career and tech classrooms.

For additional information on how the funds would be used, click on the "Return to School District Website" button above.

Impact on Property Taxes

Approval of the ballot question would cause a property tax increase beginning with taxes payable in 2019, and the debt service tax levies would be in place for 20 years. To determine the estimated impact of the proposed ballot questions on your 2019 taxes, follow the instructions below or view sample property types and values here.

Your 2019 taxes will be based on the 2018 Estimated Market Value (EMV) listed on the "Notice of Valuation and Classification" mailed by your county in March 2018 (see example below). If you don't have that document available, contact your county and ask for the 2018 EMV for taxes payable in 2019 or find the information online using the instructions below.

Le Sueur County
Assessors Office – (507) 357-8213

Instructions to view your property records online

Rice County
Assessor's Office – (507) 332-6102

Instructions to view your property records online

Blue Earth County
Taxpayer Services – (507) 304-4251

Instructions to view your property records online

Taxpayer Services – (507) 835-0640

Instructions to view your property records online

If you own a RESIDENTIAL HOMESTEAD property, enter the Estimated Market Value below to see the estimated tax impact.

If you own COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL property, enter the Estimated Market Value below to see the estimated tax impact.

If you own AGRICULTURAL or other types of property, we recommend you contact Ehlers.

  • Find the Property I.D. number(s) for all parcels of property that you own within the district (normally shown in the upper left corner of your property tax statement).
  • Email or call Ehlers
    • Send an email message to with your name, school district name, and property I.D. number(s). PLEASE SPECIFY WHAT COUNTY YOUR PARCELS ARE IN.
    • Call Ehlers (Twin Cities area 651-697-8500 or toll-free 1-800-552-1171) during regular business hours and ask to speak to any member of the Education Team regarding the tax impact of the Waterville-Elysian-Morristown School District referendum; have your Property I.D. number(s) ready.
    • An Ehlers representative will contact your county to find the value and classification of your property, calculate the tax impact, and either call or e-mail you with the results. Please allow 1-3 days for a response.

School Building Bond Agricultural Credit

Effective for taxes payable in 2018, this property tax credit will provide owners of agricultural property with a 40% credit for the taxes attributable to school district debt service for all agricultural property, except for the house, garage, and one acre.  This ongoing credit will be directly deducted from property taxes owed and applies to debt service taxes for all types of existing and future building bonds for construction and renovation projects. The credit is automatically deducted on the tax statement and is included in the tax impact estimates provided by Ehlers.

Specific information that may affect some property owners’ situations is included below:

Click the links below for information regarding how state and federal programs may reduce the net impact of the proposed property tax increases for some taxpayers.

  1. Minnesota Homestead Credit Refund
  2. Special Property Tax Refund
  3. Homestead Exclusion
  4. Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral

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