Return to HomeThis site provides information for taxpayers of The Howards Grove School District, regarding how the district’s proposed referendum may affect property taxes. The site was prepared in cooperation with Ehlers, the district’s independent municipal advisor. If you have questions about the information on this site, please contact Ehlers using the information provided below.

About the Referendum

The district will hold a special election on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 seeking voter approval of one ballot question.

QUESTION 1 would authorize the district to issue up to $35,000,000 in bonds to provide funds for the public purpose of paying the cost of a school building and improvement project consisting of:  construction of a new middle school; district-wide capital and site improvements; and acquisition of furnishings, fixtures and equipment.

For more information on how these funds would be used, return to the District’s Referendum website.

Impact on Property Taxes

Approval of the ballot question would result in a property tax increase beginning with taxes payable in 2022, and the tax levies would remain in place for 20 years.  To determine the estimated impact of the proposed ballot question on your 2022 taxes, follow the instructions below or view a sample property value here.

Your 2022 taxes will be based on the 2021 total assessed value of your property.  Since the 2021 assessments are not available at this time, you will use your 2020 property values to estimate the tax impact on your property.  To estimate the tax impact, you can use the total estimated fair market value of your property from your State of Wisconsin Real Estate Property Tax Bill for 2020.  You will find your fair market value listed as “Total Est. Fair Mkt.” on your tax bill (right insert).  Please note that we will not be using the “Total Assessed Value”, which is also included on your tax bill.

Sheboygan County
Treasurer - (920) 459-3015

Click on the link below, click on, “I Accept” and then enter in your search criteria. Select your parcel from the search results screen and on the next screen, make sure the most current tax year is selected in the “Tax Year” box and scroll down to click on the blue button labeled, “Property Summary Report”.  On the Summary Report that pops up, scroll down to the “Assessment Summary” section and use the value listed as “Estimated Fair Market Value”  in the calculator below.

Sheboygan County Property Search

Manitowoc County
Treasurer - (920) 683-4021

Click on the link below, select how you want to search and enter in your search criteria. On the search results screen, click on your parcel. Click the link labeled as, “View Current Year City of Manitowoc Assessors & Tax Listing”, select “Assessments” from the “Select Detail” section and use the value listed as, “Estimated Fair Market Value” in the calculator below.

Manitowoc County Property Search


Residential Homestead Property
If you own a RESIDENTIAL HOMESTEAD property, enter the Estimated Market Value below to see the estimated tax impact
Enter only whole numbers to the nearest dollar
(no dollar signs, commas, or decimals).

All property tax impact calculations are estimates

Property tax impact calculations of the election are estimates for the initial year of this new debt or operating referendum only, and do not included tax levies for other purposes.  The actual tax amount associated with the successful passage of this referendum will vary based on the following factors:

  • Actual debt costs, determined at the time of the bond sale.
  • Actual level of state aid that the District’s debt service qualifies for as certified by the State in October of each year.
  • Actual assessed value of your property.
  • Actual property valuation and tax rate within the resident municipality.
  • Changes in assessed values of other property within the municipality.