Shelby McQuay

Shelby is a Senior Municipal Advisor and serves as the Managing Director of Ehlers’ School Finance Team. She assists districts across Minnesota and Wisconsin with long-term capital planning and navigating the implications of legislative proposals on debt issuance. Before joining the firm in 2016, Shelby worked with the Minnesota Senate as a non-partisan research analyst […]

Ryan Miles, CPFIM

Ryan joined Ehlers as a Senior Investment Adviser in 2018, bringing more than 10 years’ financial and investment management experience to his role. Instrumental in driving the growth of our Investment services and capabilities, he was promoted to Managing Director in 2021. Previous to joining Ehlers, Ryan served as a Cash Management Officer with a […]

Stephen Broden

Stephen brings more than 13 years’ experience in providing arbitrage calculations and bond compliance training to his role as a Senior Arbitrage Consultant and Managing Director. Prior to joining the firm in 2018, Stephen managed the national arbitrage practice at Arbitrage Compliance Specialists, Inc. and spent an additional decade working in the financial services industry. […]

Brian Reilly, CFA

Brian is a Senior Municipal Advisor and works with local units of government, special districts and authorities, and public agencies in the areas of debt issuance, fiscal planning, special studies, economic development and tax increment. He advises clients with billions of dollars in debt issuance and also has experience with non-profit and municipally owned healthcare […]