Continuing Disclosure Services

Following any issuance of municipal securities, issuers have stringent reporting requirements and deadlines. Fully satisfying those requirements can be a challenge and comes with risk for non-compliance. As your dissemination agent, Ehlers calls on extensive experience, proprietary technology and strict process controls to ensure your post-issuance compliance requirements are met accurately and on time.

Continuing Disclosure services are provided by Ehlers & Associates.

What are your disclosure obligations?

Your reporting requirements depend on how much outstanding debt you have, the type of obligation you issue and the revenues pledged. Specifics are included in the Continuing Disclosure Agreement associated with your securities issue.

All issuers must submit audited financial statements and event notices. Other common disclosures include:

  • Current property valuations
  • Direct debt
  • Tax levies and collection
  • Population and employment trends
  • Event notices, such as situations affecting tax-exempt status or reflecting financial difficulties, ratings changes, securities calls & tender offers, new debt issuances and more.

With numerous required disclosures and strict deadlines, managing your continuing disclosure compliance can be challenging. A knowledgeable dissemination agent like Ehlers can streamline the process and ensure you meet your compliance obligations and avoid serious consequences that could impact your access to municipal capital markets.

Why hire a dissemination agent?

Ehlers’ team of dissemination agents focus solely on continuing disclosure compliance and continuously monitor changing best practices, reporting requirements and technology. With Ehlers on your team, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your:

  • Required filings are being monitored by a professional team and are brought to your attention ahead of impending deadlines. Disclosure compliance reporting won’t be missed due to a vacation or other internal responsibilities.
  • Data is collected, prepared and filed on time via Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA).
  • Have satisfied the different requirements and deadlines of each disclosure certificate.
  • Agent has information systems to quickly confirm the status of your disclosure profiles, including tracking and confirming your bond calls, rating changes and any other actions.

Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re backed by a team of municipal market professionals with specialized expertise in SEC regulations and disclosure best practice.

Don't Risk It!

Trust your Continuing Disclosure requirements to the professionals at Ehlers.