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Ehlers is an industry-leading municipal advisory firm serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Illinois and Kansas. We leverage centuries of combined experience and specialized expertise to deliver innovative, fully-integrated public finance solutions that help governments and public agencies build strong, vibrant and sustainable communities.

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With client communities at the heart of everything we do, Ehlers’ integrated advisory teams are uniquely qualified to deliver independent guidance across all areas of public finance. That’s something our competitors just can’t say.

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Bond Sales

The occurrence of each sale, and the details of each sale, are subject to change. Final details for each sale listed will be found in the official statement produced by Ehlers.

11 Upcoming Bond Sales

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Village of Suamico, Wisconsin

$7,080,000.00 General Obligation Corporate Purpose Bonds, Series 2020A

2021 - 2040

Sale Date & Time
June 1 2020, 10:00 AM CT

Village of Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

$1,850,000.00 General Obligation Park and Public Grounds Bonds, Series 2020A

2021 - 2040

Sale Date & Time
June 1 2020, 10:30 AM CT

City of Burlington, Wisconsin

$940,000.00 General Obligation Promissory Notes, Series 2020A

2021 - 2030

Sale Date & Time
June 2 2020, 10:00 AM CT

Market Commentary

All major rating agencies are making additional inquiries regarding the impact of COVID-19
Greg Johnson, Senior Municipal Advisor
28 May 2020

Interest Rate Index

As of May 29, 2020

Bond Buyer Index
Revenue Bond Index
10-Year Treasury Note


Financial Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic Still Unfolding

There is still a lot of uncertainty about the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but some details are beginning to emerge, including a precedent-setting monthly jobs report and preliminary budget updates from several states.

Market Commentary

SEC Guidance – Disclosures Regarding the Potential Financial Impacts of COVID-19

As your disclosure dissemination agent, we want to make you aware of an important public statement the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released last week. In it, SEC Chair Jay Clayton and Rebecca Olsen, Director of the Office of Municipal Securities, stressed the heightened importance of disseminating timely disclosures to investors due to the potential financial impacts of COVID-19, as well as encouraging municipal issuers to voluntarily provide meaningful forward-looking information with respect to both issuer and issue-specific implications of the pandemic.

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