Financial Management Planning

It’s all about vision.

Whether you’re crafting an annual budget, developing a capital improvement plan or completing an operating levy impact analysis, Ehlers collaborates with you to build practical financial ‘roadmaps’ that provide clear ways to reach short-term goals and realize your long-term vision.

Financial Management Planning Services are provided by Ehlers & Associates.

Our Process

Our financial management planning process isn’t designed to generate a single “yes” or “no” outcome, but rather a dynamic set of decision-making variables and criteria that educate your constituents and build consensus among leadership.


Goal Setting

  • Base Financials
  • Project Plan
  • Outstanding Debt
  • Financial Variables

Research & Analysis

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Cashflow Projections

Decision Data

  • Cost / Benefit
  • Financing Options
  • Critical Success Factors

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting Services

Ehlers takes the time to listen, facilitate discussions and ask questions, so we can fully understand your community’s financial landscape and begin to build the foundation of a successful project plan.  Our most prevalent planning projects include:

  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • Operating Levies
  • School District Referenda
  • Long-Term Budgets
  • Cash Management & Investment Strategies


Research & Analysis Services

Research and analysis is where our advisors and specialists roll up their sleeves with you to determine the viability of proposed initiatives and explore innovative ways to bring them to life.  Work completed during this phase includes:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Impact Analysis
  • Fiscal Studies, Including Transportation & Utility Rate Studies
  • School District Best Practices Benchmarking
  • Budget Projection Modeling
  • Merger/Consolidation/Annexation Studies

Decision Data Work Products

After a series of working sessions and analyses, Ehlers develops go-forward recommendations to help community leaders, partners and residents make informed decisions regarding your proposed project or initiative.  During this phase, Ehlers delivers:

  • Proposed Budgets
  • Financial Management Plans (5-10 years)
  • Financial Policies
  • Utility Rate Recommendations
  • Debt-Issuance & Other Financing Options
  • Truth-In-Taxation Reporting
  • Decision Impact Variables

Featured Work

Piccadilly Square Affordable Senior Housing

Washington County CDA established a goal to redevelop a parcel of land in Mahtomedi, Minnesota to provide affordable housing to seniors whose income range between 50% and 60% of the area’s median level.

Solid-Waste Membrane Filtration System

For several years, Kandiyohi County officials were required to transfer – via truck – of more than 3 million gallons of toxic leachate from its own landfill to the City of Willmar’s wastewater treatment plant for processing.

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