Everybody's got an approach to doing business, right? So, what's the big deal about ours? It comes down to two simple, but powerful ideas:

Fiercely Independent
Fully- Integrated

We're independent.
Which is another way of saying we only operate with YOUR best interest at heart.
(Not all municipal financial services firms can say that.)

Underwriters & Broker-Dealers

In many cases, the disclosure agreements of these firms say exactly the opposite. When you choose to work with an underwriter or broker-dealer to complete your financing project, they tell you – in writing – the following:

Underwriters do not have a fiduciary duty to the (bond) Issuer under federal securities laws and are, therefore, not required by federal law to act in the best interests of the issuer without regard to their own financial and other interest.

You can choose to work with a broker-dealer in a Municipal Advisor capacity. That means the firm must act in your best interest, BUT it also means it can’t serve as an underwriter, which reduces the number of potential bond buyers who may actively bid on your issue, competing to provide you with the lowest total interest cost.


At Ehlers, our goal  – as independent municipal advisors in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Kansas – is to help your community achieve its goals through:

Dynamic Fiscal Planning

Innovative Financing Solutions

Diligent Debt Management & Compliance

Prudent Investment Options

And to do it in a way that delivers generational value to you and your constituents.

Our independence can best be described by how we do business. Ehlers advises public sector clients only. We do not represent investors, developers or private sector entities.

We seamlessly integrate our municipal practice teams to fulfill all your public finance needs.

We believe successful projects aren’t the result of products, they’re the result of people. From the earliest stages of fiscal planning or economic development to debt-issuance, compliance and investments, Ehlers surrounds you with a team of municipal finance professionals selected specifically for the expertise you need to achieve the tactical goals that bring your community’s vision to life.

We build strong, long-lasting relationships – working directly and collaboratively with client staff – to complete projects and drive initiatives forward. Our Senior Municipal Advisors lead each client relationship, leveraging the expertise of Ehlers’ Financial Specialists and Analysts, Bond Marketing and Sales Team, Disclosure and Compliance Coordinators, Investment Advisors and Arbitrage Consultants so we can strive to deliver the right solution, right when you need it.

And, we’re all under one roof.
One Provider. One Ehlers.