Investments & Treasury Management

Making the most of community resources.

Effectively managing your community’s cash-based assets –  general fund, enterprise funds, bond proceeds or idle cash balances – is critical to long-term financial stability. Our SEC Registered investment advisers seamlessly integrate with your Ehlers’ municipal advisor team to construct and manage investment policies and portfolios that seek to optimize allowable earnings, maintain liquidity and comply with federal regulations.

Investment Services are provided by affiliate Ehlers Investment Partners.

See Ehlers’ Form ADV Part 2A.

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Our Process

Every community has unique needs and challenges when it comes to managing funds.  Ehlers adheres to a well-tested and cost-effective approach that strives to secure your financial safety and ability to meet cash flow requirements.



  • Review existing investment policies & portfolios
  • Revise/draft new policy to align with requirements & goals
  • Complete thorough cash flow analysis and forecast
  • Create investment strategy mapped to cash flow needs
  • Present strategy/gain constituent approvals

  • Implement investment strategy
  • Monitor portfolio & analyze performance
  • Rebalance asset mix, as needed
  • Deliver monthly performance & benchmark reporting

  • Examine portfolio for regulatory, IRS & internal policy compliance
  • Integrate arbitrage consulting for:
    • Bond proceeds expenditure monitoring
    • Reporting
    • Rebate analysis

Our Services

Because public funds are ultimately owned by taxpayers, it’s critical they are managed safely and transparently.  Ehlers helps you create policies and implement plans that strive to fulfill both objectives. Our investment adviser services include:


  • Policy Evaluation & Development
  • Cash Flow Analysis & Forecasting
  • Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Banking Relationship RFP Evaluation
  • Arbitrage Monitoring & Reporting
  • Refunding & Defeasance Escrow Bidding Agent

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