School Finance Services

Enrollment Projection & Budget Projection Modeling

In today’s challenging financial and political environment, it is critical to present your district’s enrollment projections and budget forecast scenarios accurately. Ehlers can equip your district with both enrollment projection and budget projection models to help inform your decisions.

School Finance Services provided by Ehlers & Associates.

Enrollment Projection Modeling

Our enrollment model leverages the five cohort survival methods and delivers crucial support documentation, such as:

  • Historic enrollment over 10 years to help identify which method provides the best predictive value
  • Kindergarten enrollment projections based on county birth rates
  • Future enrollment trends for each of the five methods
  • Visual representation of enrollment trends for use in reports & presentations
  • Modifications for open enrollment projections by year or grade

Budget Projection Modeling

A straight-forward, spreadsheet-based tool can help your district accurately project your General Fund budget for up to four years. It includes:

  • Enrollment projections
  • Revenue by source
  • Expenditures by object
  • Multi-year budget & program impact views
  • Multiple reporting options

Make your decisions based on accurate, timely data.

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