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Lake Delton village board votes in favor of $35 million in bonds

Sean Lentz, a senior municipal advisor from Ehlers, presented the bond proposal to the board, which was met with unanimous approval. According to Lentz, the final proposal pitched a total of $35,910,000 for the village’s bonds, with an expected closing date of April 29. Lentz will appear before the board again on April 13 to discuss awarding the sale of the bonds when bids are available to choose from.
Park Rapids Enterprise

Park Rapids Schools explore facility improvement options with help from Ehlers’ school finance team

Bringing Park Rapids school facilities up to snuff will come at a cost – but, according to a project development consultant, a cost that local taxpayers might deem reasonable.
Monticello Times

Big Lake School Board Approves $7 Million Maintenance Bond

The Big Lake School Board awarded the sale of $7.35 million in general obligation facilities maintenance bonds at its Thursday, Jan. 23 meeting. Senior Municipal Advisor Shelby McQuay of school district financial advisor Ehlers, Inc., enthusiastically presented the low bid, a savings of $760,000 in interest over the 15 years compared to the pre-bond estimate of 2.7 percent.
Aitkin Age

Matthew Hammer and Greg Crowe Discuss Aitkin Public Schools Renovation Plans

As the renovation project at Aitkin High School comes close to entering its final phase, one piece of the puzzle has yet to be sorted – the location of the school offices.
Minnesota Cities Magazine

Brian Reilly, CFA, CIMPA Offers Tips For Financial Management Planning

Financial management planning is a smart, comprehensive way for your city to set a sustainable course for fiscal stability over a five- to 10-year horizon.