School Finance Services

Operating Referendum Planning & Support

Rely on Ehlers’ School Finance team to help you prepare for your next operating referendum. With projections and modeling to inform your decisions on the timing and size of an operating referendum, along with behind-the-scenes support, your district can go out to voters with confidence.

Referendum Planning & Support Services provided by Ehlers & Associates.


Basic Services

Ehlers’ basic services include:

  • Gathering data from the district & the state to thoroughly understand the district’s referendum authority & its tax impact
  • Estimating the revenue, state aid & additional tax levies that would result from the referendum
  • Estimating the referendum impact on property taxes for various property valuations
  • Creating a customized presentation to help define the operating referendum, background information and details on the proposed question(s)
  • Attending a meeting in the district (e.g., a board work session, public meeting) to present information

Optional Services

Once your District engages Ehlers for basic referendum services, you can then access a variety of high-impact, cost-effective optional referendum tools such as comparative reporting and property tax information websites.

Go to Voters With Confidence

Contact us today for help navigating the complexities of an operating referendum.