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Kristin Cummings
Director of Marketing & Communications


Ehlers Companies Introduces Brand Refresh

Ehlers Companies, an integrated financial advisory firm serving public sector clients, announced a relaunch of their brand today.  It is signified by a new logomark, website and visual communications system that best reflects Ehlers’ mission, vision and personality.

“Our brand identity needs to represent the core of who we are as a company and demonstrate to our clients and their constituents why we exist,” said Ehlers Companies President Jeff Eaton. “Over the last several months, we’ve taken a hard look at what’s really important about what we do every day. While we’re proud of our 64-year legacy as leaders in public finance, it’s not what wakes us up in the morning and gets us excited to come to work.  What we’re truly passionate about is as powerful as it is simple; we build communities.”

Ehlers Companies delivers an integrated platform of advisory solutions that supports the complete lifecycle of municipal financing needs for local governments and public agencies.  Services include financial management planning, debt issuance and management, economic development and redevelopment, investments and treasury management and arbitrage consulting.  Prior to the brand refresh, each service line maintained its own identity and value proposition.

“Maintaining distinct brands for each of our service lines didn’t really fit with how we work together or the value we bring to the marketplace,” stated Kristin Cummings, Ehlers’ Director of Marketing and Communications. “Our teams think as ‘one Ehlers,’ combining our expertise and collaborating with clients to build outstanding places to live, work, learn and play.  This relaunch sends that message simply and clearly.”

The new logo embodies the strength and staying-power of a community building, with the left-side representing the “E” in Ehlers.  The three bars that complete the building signify Ehlers’ primary service units and are open-ended to communicate that the firm is approachable, collaborative and part of a larger value for clients.  The mark points upward at the center to remind audiences that growth and sustainability are critical components of vibrant communities.

The primary tagline remains “Leaders in Public Finance” to ensure continuity of Ehlers’ legacy, but there is a new byline, “Building communities. It’s what we do.”, to impart the ultimate value of municipal advisory services.

 “We roll up our sleeves with clients, providing independent and integrated pubic finance advice.  Working together, we create solutions that help communities grow responsibly and thrive,” said Eaton. “That’s what building communities is all about and we’re proud to be a part of it.”

About Ehlers

A pioneer and regional leader in municipal advisory services since 1955, Ehlers helps clients build strong, vibrant and sustainable communities by delivering independent, integrated advice across all areas of public finance. We work with more than 1,500 local governments, schools, and public agencies across five states; placing our clients’ needs and best interests at the center of everything we do.