Arbitrage Consulting

Managing investment income for the common good.

Managing interest income on tax-exempt debt proceeds is a critical responsibility for public financial officials.  Rely on Ehlers’ Arbitrage Consultants to devise strategies and implement yield monitoring and reporting practices that allow for optimal returns while complying with federal regulations.

Arbitrage Consulting Services are provided by Ehlers & Associates.

Our Process

Arbitrage isn’t easy.  Ehlers leverages extensive knowledge of the Federal Tax Code and years of focused experience to break down the complexities of arbitrage and create custom strategies that meet your community’s needs.


  • Complete tax review for outstanding debt
  • Review draw-down schedules & cash flow requirements
  • Lead planning discussions (pros & cons)
  • Develop policy & plan
  • Assist with investment portfolio structure

  • Complete timely analysis per IRS rules on elected date(s)
  • Disseminate & review compliance issues
  • Monitor portfolio for compliance thresholds

  • Conduct support training for client staff
  • Re-calibrate policies & plans for new issues

Our Services

Ehlers’ comprehensive approach, along with our prudent decision-making capabilities, delivers a compelling value-add service to debt issuers by reducing risk, and minimizing or eliminating rebates through development of appropriate debt sizing and investment practices.

  • Arbitrage Commingled Fund Analysis
  • Arbitrage Consulting & Training
  • Arbitrage Rebate Analysis
  • Arbitrage Spend Down Analysis
  • Arbitrage Yield Restriction Analysis
  • IRS Audit Assistance
  • IRS Payments &  Overpayment Recoveries
  • Post Issuance Policy & Procedures

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