School Finance Services

Truth in Taxation Presentations & Support

State laws generally require a school district to hold public meetings to inform taxpayers on the District’s annual budget and tax levy. These truth in taxation presentations provide transparency to taxpayers and offer a forum to address their concerns.

School Finance Services provided by Ehlers & Associates.

Presentation Support Services

Districts often engage Ehlers to help prepare and deliver public presentations to communicate the tax impacts of budgets and proposed capital projects and the corresponding levy. In these situations, Ehlers will prepare a PowerPoint presentation the district can use to explain taxes and the district’s budget to the public.  The presentation includes:

  • Basic information about the state’s school finance and property tax systems
  • Information about the school district budget
  • Information on the proposed school district levy
  • Tables and graphs showing the estimated school district portion of the proposed tax levy for sample types and values of properties compared with similar amounts for past years

Present complicated information simply

Ehlers has done hundreds of truth in taxation presentations. Let us arm your district
with the data needed to satisfy reporting requirements as well as taxpayers' needs.