Ehlers’ 2024 Minnesota School Finance Seminar

Ehlers is privileged to share in your mission of building vibrant and sustainable communities across our great state. Yet fulfilling that mission isn’t just about public finance solutions – these are only the fundamentals of our work. It’s about people pulling together to create smart plans, build community consensus and share in the hard work that helps bring generational projects to life. That’s why we’re honored to invite you to our annual Minnesota School Finance Seminar. In this full-day event, we’ll explore the fundamentals of municipal debt and identify ways you can tap into resources at Ehlers, MSBA, and the Secretary of State. We’ll also hear from MMKR’s Jim Eichten with his Fiscal ‘24 auditing update, and Ehlers staff will share recent district project case studies that feature unique components and financing. Finally, we are privileged to have both Cathy Erickson, Director of School Finance with the Minnesota Department of Education, and Revenue Commissioner Paul Marquart, a former state legislator who championed efforts to pass the Ag2School Credit, join us. We look forward to sharing the day with you.

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Presentation Materials

School District Accounting & Auditing: 2024 Update
Municipal Debt 101
Administration of School District Elections in Minnesota
Access Your Advisors: Top 10 Ways to Make Your Job Easier
MSBA Hot Topics
Client Case Studies: Collaborative Pathways to Success



Friday, April 5, 2024


Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West
3131 Campus Dr.
Plymouth, MN 55441