Betty Dagnew

Betty serves as a Public Finance Analyst for all Ehlers’ market areas, assisting our municipal advisor teams with competitive bond marketing and sale coordination, as well as paying agent services. After graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a bachelor’s degree in finance and prior to joining Ehlers, she worked for a regional financial […]

Nate Gilger

Nate is a Public Finance Analyst with our Minnesota Team where he regularly assists clients with the preparation of offering documents, pre- and post-sale reports, quality control assurance and bond sale closing coordination.  Prior to joining Ehlers, Nate worked as a 401k and Retirement Specialist with two national firms where his primary role was helping […]

Na Lee Lee

Na Lee serves as a Public Finance Analyst on our Documents Team, regularly assisting clients with preparation of offering documents, pre- and post-sale reporting, and closing coordination. Prior to joining Ehlers, she worked with both Milwaukee and Brown Counties as an accountant. Born and raised in Sheboygan, Na Lee now lives in Brookfield. When she […]

Nha Nguyen

Nha is a Public Finance Analyst who coordinates all aspects of bond sales to help Ehlers’ clients obtain the best available cost structure. He collaborates with underwriters, receives competitive bids on sale day and completes closing documentation. In addition, Nha supports our Investment Team with market research and analysis, fixed-income trading, cash flow and account […]

Silvia Johnson

Silvia joined Ehlers in 2017 working with clients and Municipal Advisors across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Silvia’s previous experience in education, customer service and business administration provided the foundation for her ability to support clients and anticipate their needs. As the team lead for our Minnesota offering documents and TIF team, she oversees the coordination of […]

Annie Mallon

Annie serves as a Senior Public Finance Analyst on our Continuing Disclosure Team, serving all of Ehlers’ client regions. She regularly assists our clients with their disclosure compliance needs, including verifying past filings, and compiling and submitting required filings. Annie also helps our Wisconsin clients prepare legal and financial documentation related to Tax Incremental Financing […]

Sue Porter

Sue is a Senior Public Finance Analyst with our Wisconsin Team and is responsible for gathering, analyzing and organizing data necessary to produce official statements, preparing post-sale documentation following each assigned financing, assisting financial advisors and monitoring outstanding debt for potential refundings. She also facilitates marketing for our Wisconsin office. She previously served as the […]

Sara Beecher

Sara joined Ehlers in 2013 and serves as our Operations Manager where she oversees our Public Finance Analysts for offering documents, bonds sales and tax increment financing.  She and her team focus on delivering exceptional value and accuracy to our clients through the bond offering and sales processes. Sara lives in Beaver Dam with her […]

Peter Curtin

Peter serves as a Senior Public Finance Analyst with our Wisconsin Team and assists Ehlers’ Disclosure clients with compliance reporting and verification of past regulatory filings. He also works on our Bond Sale team to help clients market and sell their debt issues. During his graduate work, Peter really found a passion working with different […]

Paula Czaplewski

Paula is a Senior Public Finance Analyst for our Wisconsin Team and has been an active Ehlers’ employee for more than 26 years. She helps clients achieve their economic development and redevelopment goals through the use of tax increment financing (TIF). She drafts comprehensive TIF plans and prepares all the required legal and financial documents […]