18 Nov 2021
Greg Johnson

Labor Markets and Inflation Concerns Remain Worrisome; Municipal Bond Yield Decline Continues

U.S. Department of Labor reports record number of Americans quit jobs in September; Consumer confidence hits a 10-year low, however, municipal bond yields continue to decline.
27 Oct 2021
Shelby McQuay

A Light News Week May Give Way to Big Headlines from Washington and the Fed

A light news cycle in the markets centers on an uptick in consumer confidence as we await a more lively end to the week with possible news out of Washington and next week’s FOMC meeting.
15 Oct 2021
Jonathan Schatz

All Signs Pointing Up

September inflation data increases unease, Fed minutes provide some insights on its potential plan for tapering, munis hit 2021 high, and GFOA releases new best practices on ESG disclosures.
15 Sep 2021
Shelby McQuay

Market is Eager for New Issues

Municipal yields remain stable while the demand for new issues increases. A sampling of economic data is released and in Washington, proposals on municipal bond law changes are introduced to assist with infrastructure financing to be included in the proposed reconciliation package.
2 Sep 2021
Greg Johnson

Federal Reserve’s Gradual, Measured Approach Continues

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s comments last week reiterated a consistent, gradual, and measured approach to achieve the Fed’s goals for inflation and full employment. In the municipal bond market, demand remains strong, and yields remain relatively stable.
18 Aug 2021
Jonathan Schatz

Shadow of 2013?

Fed keeps an eye on economic data and the Delta variant, dismisses 2013 comparisons. Relative stability remains the trend for municipal yields, even as volume slightly increases.
5 Aug 2021
Brian Reilly, CFA

Market Focus is on Washington D.C.

The Federal Open Market Committee concluded its policy meeting last week. The U.S. Treasury has taken “extraordinary measures” in response to the federal government reaching the debt ceiling. Meanwhile, trillions in spending are being debated in both chambers and the markets seem to have yawned at the prospect of higher inflation.
21 Jul 2021
Greg Johnson

Economists Surveyed Expect Slower, But Strong Growth

Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal expect to see slower, but still strong growth through the end of this year.
9 Jul 2021
Shelby McQuay

Takeaways from the June Jobs’ Report

The monthly employment report has some notable takeaways for the direction of the economy.
23 Jun 2021
Jonathan Schatz

Reactions to Last Week’s Fed Meeting

U.S. financial markets react to the Fed talking rate increases and tapering their bond purchasing program. Municipal issuance picked up in June, and a low volume of trading has the municipal market relatively stable compared to treasury and equities markets.