21 Jul 2021
Greg Johnson

Economists Surveyed Expect Slower, But Strong Growth

Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal expect to see slower, but still strong growth through the end of this year.
9 Jul 2021
Shelby McQuay

Takeaways from the June Jobs’ Report

The monthly employment report has some notable takeaways for the direction of the economy.
23 Jun 2021
Jonathan Schatz

Reactions to Last Week’s Fed Meeting

U.S. financial markets react to the Fed talking rate increases and tapering their bond purchasing program. Municipal issuance picked up in June, and a low volume of trading has the municipal market relatively stable compared to treasury and equities markets.
25 May 2021
Greg Johnson

Federal Reserve Staying The Course…For Now

The Federal Reserve is staying its course – keeping the fed funds rate near zero and continuing its asset purchases at current levels.
12 May 2021
Shelby McQuay

Muni Markets Steady Amid Shock of an Underwhelming Jobs Report

The stream of fairly positive economic data was disrupted by the shock of an underwhelming jobs report and a notable uptick in inflation measures. Muni markets have, nevertheless, remained steady.
29 Apr 2021

Biden Proposes $1.8 Trillion Families Plan and Additional Tax Increases, Muni Market Enjoying Some Tailwinds

First release of 2020 Census data and President Biden’s proposal to increase the capital gains tax.
14 Apr 2021
Jonathan Schatz

Higher Than Expected Inflation

This week’s commentary looks at the reactions to higher than expected inflation. Municipal yields have remained flat from March into April, and details about the President’s 2022 budget outline.
2 Apr 2021
Brian Reilly, CFA

Bond Market Calms and Federal Government Introduces Potential Stimulus and Tax Changes

While March was largely a difficult month for bonds, the fixed income markets have stabilized as we head into the second quarter. President Biden announces objectives for an additional large spending bill and introduces dramatic changes to federal tax law.
17 Mar 2021
Greg Johnson

Fiscal Policy Debates Loom, Municipal Bond Yields Decline, & Public Finance Proposals Resurface

With the passage of The American Rescue Plan, focus now shifts to future legislative proposals and the possibility of tax increases, in part to address the growing federal deficit. Municipal bond yields have declined modestly over the past two weeks, and several legislative proposals specific to municipal bonds are being supported by local government groups.
4 Mar 2021

Higher Inflation on the Horizon?

As the Senate prepares to move ahead this week with President Biden’s economic stimulus/coronavirus relief, anxieties about inflation prompted a bond sell off this past week bringing yields more or less back to where they were a year ago, prompting us to ask two questions: Is higher inflation on the horizon? And will we see more bond-market scares this year?