Casey Griffiths

Casey is a Senior Financial Specialist with our Wisconsin Municipal Finance Team, supporting our Municipal Advisors with debt planning and issuance, as well as tax incremental financing and utility rate studies. Prior to joining Ehlers, Casey served more than 13 years in administrative positions with Wisconsin municipalities. He was the first City Administrator for the […]

Jessica Cook

Jessica is Ehlers’ Director of Fiscal Consulting where she leads our team of Fiscal Consultants in developing long-term financial management plans, TIF management plans and utility rate studies. Jessica is well known and highly regarded for her ability to communicate the policy implications of project financing and rate setting, helping the clients she serves make […]

Schane Rudlang

Schane serves as a Municipal Advisor on our Minnesota Municipal Finance Team where he primarily assists Ehlers’ clients with their Economic¬† Development and Redevelopment initiatives. Prior to joining the firm, Schane spent 11 years as Bloomington’s Port Authority Administrator, leading over $1.3 billion in public and private investment in the South Loop District. His work […]

Pam Ziermann, CSCP

Pam is Ehlers’ Chief Compliance Officer, bringing more than 30 years of progressive responsibilities and achievements in financial services to her role with the firm. Over the course of her career, Pam has created and implemented policies and procedures to help ensure compliance with FINRA, MSRB, SEC, State, NFA, CFTC, Fannie Mae, and HUD for […]

Betty Dagnew

Betty serves as a Public Finance Analyst for all Ehlers’ market areas, assisting our municipal advisor teams with competitive bond marketing and sale coordination, as well as paying agent services. After graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a bachelor’s degree in finance and prior to joining Ehlers, she worked for a regional financial […]

Harry Allen

Harry is an Associate Municipal Advisor on our Wisconsin Team, helping clients with debt issuance and management, economic development and redevelopment, and financial management and planning. Prior to joining Ehlers, Harry worked for Baker Tilly, assisting counties and municipalities with tax increment creation/amendment, reporting and projections, incentive structuring and reporting, and debt issuance. Before that, […]

Kyle Sawyer, CPA

Kyle is a Senior Fiscal Consultant supporting our Municipal Advisors across all Ehlers’ markets with project management and analysis for municipal debt transactions, economic development and redevelopment initiatives, long-term financial planning and fiscal and utility rate studies. Kyle brings more than a decade of direct local government experience to his role with the firm. From […]

Joshua Low

Josh is a Senior Financial Specialist who assists Minnesota and western Wisconsin municipalities with project financing and economic development needs. Prior to joining Ehlers in 2019, Josh served as an analyst for the City of San Francisco, where he specialized in capital improvement planning, implementation of special tax districts and legislative and policy analysis for […]

Keith Dahl

Keith joined Ehlers in 2019 and currently serves as a Municipal Advisor with our Minnesota City Team. His prior direct experience in local government, economic development and housing development gives him keen insight into the opportunities and challenges his client communities face. Keith displays a strong understanding of public financial assistance and is able to […]

Jon Cameron

Jon is a Senior Municipal Advisor and Managing Director with our Wisconsin Municipal Finance Team, where he advises local governments, public utilities and special districts on the design and implementation of custom financial solutions. Prior to joining Ehlers in 2013, Jon was an Economic Consultant with Municipal Economics and Planning, a Division of Ruekert/Mielke. He […]